The Paleontological Society

Photo courtesy of the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History


The Pojeta Award was established to recognize exceptional professional or public service by individuals or groups in the field of paleontology above and beyond that of existing formal roles or responsibilities.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is 15 January. Nominations received after that date will be held for the next year. Nominations for the Pojeta Award should be sent to the Current President, with a copy to the Secretary. The nominations should include 1) nominee's full name, address, phone number (and email if available); 2) contact information for nominator; 3) description of the nominee's achievements in paleontology (not to exceed three pages); and 4) supporting letters and other documentation.

Please submit nominations to

Arnold I. Miller, Chair of the Pojeta Award Committee
Department of Geology
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0013
phone: (513) 556-4022