The Paleontological Society

Photo courtesy of the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History

Paleontological Society Student Research Grants Awarded in 2012

Name Project Title Award
Allison Hsiang Back to the Water: Hadrosaur paleoecology elucidated by oxygen isotopic composition of apatitic phosphate Mid-America Paleontology Society (MAPS) Outstanding Student Research (1st)
Trisha Spanbauer The climate-evolution connection: The relation of climatic forcing to the distribution and morphological variability of a dominant phytoplankton species in the Andes Mid-America Paleontology Society (MAPS) Outstanding Student Research (2nd)
Rosemary Bush Ground-truthing a paleoclimate proxy: Do n-alkanes really reflect climate? Mid-America Paleontology Society (MAPS) Outstanding Student Research (3rd)
Adam Jost Constraints on ocean biogeochemistry during the end-Guadalupian extinction from stable calcium isotopes Allison R. "Pete" Palmer
Andrew Hawkins Using a silicified fauna to isolate the collection component of the lithification bias Allison R. "Pete" Palmer
Lauren Milideo Actualistic Taphonomy of Cold and Temperate Climates: applications to Pleistocene paleontology Richard Osgood
Daniel Lawver Fossil and modern turtle eggshell: testing the validity of eggshell characters in cladistics analyese Steven Jay Gould
Paige Kercher Determining the efficacy of brachiopod calcite as a recorder of environmental conditions N. Gary Lane
Michael Donovan Anomalous insect-feeding diversity: evidence for host switching or colonization? Rodney M. Feldmann
Chelsea Korpanty Live-dead fidelity of molluscan assemblages in declining seagrass habitats: Siliciclastic versus carbonate environments Ellis L. Yochelson
Camilla Crifo Vein density, a proxy to assess forest structure in the fossil record Kenneth E. & Annie Caster
Judith Sclafani Using Hubbell’s neutral theory to test the species-area relationship in the Late Ordovician of Laurentia Kenneth E. & Annie Caster
Trisha Smrecak A test of the epibiofacies model: assessing impacts of changing marine conditions on encrusting organisms Steven Jay Gould
Brendan Anderson Investigating Burgess Shale Type Preservation Utilizing Organic Geochemistry Ellis L. Yochelson
Neo McAdams Sampling, imaging, unrevealed data, and phylogeny: What are we missing and what are the consequences? Harry B. Whittington
Rachel Bowles A morphological and geochemical study of the modern ostracode Cyprideis americana: toward a reliable paleosalinity proxy for marine saline lakes. N. Gary Lane
Emily Wooton A High Resolution Paleontological, Ichnological, and Chemostratigraphic Study of the Late Devonian Biocrises Arthur J. Boucot
Jessamy Doman Paleoecology at the origin of hominins: the faunal evidence, 5-7 Ma G. Arthur Cooper
Nicholas Famoso The evolution of occlusal enamel complexity in Middle Miocene to Recent Equids (Mammalia: Perissodactyla) of North America Richard K. Bambach
Gregory Stull Whole-plant reconstruction of an extinct tropical vine (Iodes sp.; Icacinaceae) from the Eocene of Wyoming Ellis L. Yochelson
Carlie Pietsch The role of the habitable zone in shaping the benthic macrofaunal recovery from the end-Permian mass extinction Kenneth E. & Annie Caster
Michael Meyer Regional Scale Redox Fluctuations and their impacts on life across the Ediacaran-Cambrian Boundary, South China Steven M. Stanley
Max Christie The Ecological Effects of Species Invasion Robert J. Stanton & James R. Dodd
Abigail D'Ambrosia Continental effects of carbon cycle perturbations during the early Paleogene: Links to extreme temperature shifts and mammalian physiological change Ellis L. Yochelson
Maria Gold Bird Brained? Reconstructed brains reveal how dinosaurs took flight during the Mesozoic Kenneth E. & Annie Caster
Mathew Knauss Quantifying ontogenetic variability of ornamentation in Hoploscaphites (Jeletzkytes) spedeni using GIS as a morphometric tool N. Gary Lane
Matt Jarrett Dominance of the Lilliput Effect at the K-Pg Event and the Evolutionary Significance Steven Jay Gould
Natasha Vitek Environmentally Correlated Variation in Box Turtles Across Both Time and Space James M. & Thomas J. M. Schopf
Marissa Drehobl The Effects of Climate Change on the Evolution of Cretaceous Terrestrial Ecosystems Kenneth E. & Annie Caster