The Paleontological Society

lower paleozoic specimen
Photo courtesy of the Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Upcoming Meetings/Programs

The Paleontological Society meeting at GSA 2014

Paleontological Society Short Course -- Reading and Writing of the Fossil Record: Preservational Pathways to Exceptional Fossilization: Saturday, October 18, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. (more here)

Paleontological Society Reception Buffet: Sunday, October 19, 6:30-9:00 p.m. (ticketed event; Vancouver Convention Center West, West Ballroom C).

Paleontological Society Council Meeting: Tuesday, October 21, 1:00-5:00 p.m. (Hyatt Regency)

Technical Program

T203. Timing, Tempo, and Mode of Evolutionary and Paleoenvironmental Changes across Boundary Events and Transitions: The Protistan Evidence
T214. Unearthing the History of Life: The Application of Phylogenetic Methods to the Fossil Record
T210. Topics in Paleoecology: Modern Analogues and Ancient Systems
T213. Echinoderm Paleobiology: Phylogenetics, Morphology, and Evolutionary Paleoecology
T208. Ecosystem Paleobiology and Geobiology: Energy, Nutrients, and Food Webs in Deep Time
T202. The Tonian-Cryogenian World
T205. Major Evolutionary Events of the Early Mesozoic— Paleontology and Paleoecology from the Middle Triassic to the Late Jurassic
T212. Co-Evolution on Earth’s Surface: Terrestrial Ecosystem and Environmental Interactions
T209. Understanding the Flammability of Our Planet: The Present Day to the Ancient Past
T200. Advancing the Digitization of Paleontology and Geoscience Collections: Projects, Programs, and Practices
T201. Eocene Northern North America: Biotic Change and Environmental Context
T206. Mass Extinctions: Volcanism, Impacts, and Catastrophic Environmental Change
T207. Dynamic Landscapes and the Diversification of North American Rodents
T211. Paleoecology and Taphonomy of Late Paleozoic Lagerstätten
T199. Conodonts as Stratigraphic and Paleoclimatic Tools
T204. Fossil Mammalian Communities across Periods of Pronounced Climate Change

Fourth International Palaeontological Congress

Mendoza, September 28 to October 3, 2014.

  • Plan to attend and participate in IPC4 !!!
  • Encourage your colleagues and students to attend and participate in IPC4.
  • Register early and encourage others to do likewise. The organizers have announced two levels of substantial discounts on the registration fees, for payments made by July 30 (deadline extended from June 16 date previously announced) and December 30, 2013. You can register now at
  • Do everything you can to encourage professional organizations of which you are a member to make funds available to subsidize participation by students in IPC4.
  • Encourage these same organizations to sponsor and financially support symposia, keynote presentations (see IPC4 website) or other events occurring at IPC4. Please note the opportunity to have an organization’s logo shown, signifying it as a contributor to or supporter of IPC4, at and

For further information on these matters, please contact the organizers at:

Contemplating an event to be sponsored by PS?

If you are thinking of organizing a future short course or a GSA topical session, please contact the PS Program Coordinator, Tom Olszewski (