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Photo courtesy of the Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

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Email Digests from the PS Secretary, Lisa Park

Greetings from the Paleontological Society! We are now providing an Email news digest service for our members. This digest is meant to keep our members informed of deadlines, societal news and other pertinent information regarding paleontology. If you would like to have something posted on the digest, please contact the Secretary. Note that suitability of submissions will be evaluated before posting. Current and past digests are available here.


Future Research Directions in Paleontology
The report of the NSF-funded workshop on Future Research Directions in Paleontology has been published, discussed at the GSA meeting in Denver, and since widely distributed. The full report is available here. This report has been very well received by scientific administrators and by our colleagues in other disciplines. Please read the report carefully, seek ways to become involved in advancing the research agenda it sets out, and draw the report to the attention of others to whom it may be useful.


Centennial Campaign

I am delighted to report that generous contributions received in January and February have enabled the Paleontological Society’s Centennial capital campaign to exceed the $250,000 goal we set for it.  Contributions to the Campaign received as of this date now stand at $253,186.50. 

Please join me in thanking the Second Century Committee for their vision in seeking to substantially enhance the endowment that supports grants to students for research in paleontology.  The committee’s creativity in shaping the campaign, their hard work in soliciting gifts, and their own generosity have inspired you, our members, and other friends of the Society to join in bringing the campaign to a successful conclusion.  Thank you all for your generous support!

We will eliminate the Centennial Campaign line from future requests for donations, on the web and on our membership renewal notices.  The line for support of Student Research will remain, as before.  If you wish to contribute to one of the named funds, you may do so by giving to Student Research and by sending an email message to either the Treasurer or the Secretary, expressing you more specific intention.

Thanks, again, to all of you for your commitment to the present and future health of the Paleontological Society and the science of paleontology that it exists to serve.

Kind regards,   Roger


The Paleontology Portal, is designed as a resource for everyone interested in paleontology, from the professional in the lab to amateurs who enjoy hunting for fossils. It should appeal particularly to students at all levels. The object of the portal is to serve as a single point of entry for many different sources of paleontological information that exist on the Internet. Images and links that are available through this site have been reviewed and selected for quality by one or more members of the Editorial Board.  The Paleontological Society is a sponsor and participant in the production of this site, together with the University of California’s Museum of Paleontology, the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, and the United States Geological Survey.