SEE YOU SOON @ GSA in Pittsburgh! 

Sun., 15 Oct.–Wed., 18 Oct. 2023

The Paleontological Society holds its Annual Meeting in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America.

The Annual Meeting includes a wide array of opportunities for PS members to share their science, connect with other members, and participate in professional development opportunities. Check out the official meeting program HERE.

Make sure to add the ticketed event “Paleontological Society Annual Business Meeting & Awards Ceremony” when you register for GSA! We look forward to spending the evening with our members

To see all the sessions that Paleo Society endorses at GSA 2023, check out this list! We encourage you to submit to these.

2023 Paleontological Society Short Course - Diversity, equity, and inclusion in paleontology: application of principles to make paleontology a more just discipline.

If you'd like to see the PS events from the 2022 GSA, click here.

Learn more about the next Annual GSA Meeting here.