Paleontological Society Code of Conduct Allegation Form

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Paleontological Society Code of Conduct Allegation Form

(to be completed by alleged victim(s) or by someone acting in their behalf; may be submitted to any member of the PS Ethics Committee)

Please fill out this form electronically, as possible. Feel free to use as much space as is needed to respond to each prompt.


Name of PS Member Alleged to Have Violated the PS Code of Conduct:

Name of Person(s) Filing Allegation:

Name of Alleged Victim(s):

Date (or date range) of Alleged Violation(s) of Code, if known:

Description of Alleged Violation(s):

Description of Supporting Evidence, if any:

Description of Attachments, if any:

If possible, please cite specific elements of the PS Code of Conduct that were allegedly violated:

Please convey any potential conflicts of interest involving parties to the allegation, members of the Ethics Committee, or the PS Council:


(Inaugural Version, May 2019)