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Dear Members of the Paleontological Society:

Greetings to all during this holiday season!  We wish for you a continuation of safe practices during your celebrations, and we join with you in the hope for emergence from this pandemic soon.

Here in the Society we completed our Annual Council Meeting and are pleased to share with you, all members of the Society, a list of positions available on Council and on Society committees. 

The purpose of broadcasting this list TO ALL MEMBERS is to encourage a broad cross-section of individuals to become engaged with our Society’s diverse and numerous activities.  

Notice of available positions is here, on our new website, and on social media.   

In essence, we seek:

A). Members for these committees

  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee Members
  • Development Committee Members
  • Student Research Grants Committee Members
  • Education and Outreach Committee Members
  • Strimple Award Committee Members

These positions are advertised below with contact information.  After you read about the openings, please get in touch with us to learn more.  We welcome you.


B). Individuals to serve in these Council positions

  • Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, who also serves on the Ethics Committee
  • Program Coordinator
  • Paleobiology Editors
  • Journal of Paleontology Editors
  • Representative at Large – junior position
  • Secretary, or rather, Chief Communications Officer

If you would like to learn more about the duties for these Council positions, please contact me, Claudia Johnson [email protected] or Bill DiMichele [email protected] or any member of Council listed on our website.

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee is composed of Society members who are committed to supporting and enhancing the diversity, inclusivity, and equity of the field of paleontology and lead efforts to align Society policies and practices with these goals and with our core belief in the inherent value of diversity to our community.  We also strive to ensure that all Society sponsored functions are conducted in a professional manner in which all participants are treated with dignity and respect.  If you would like to contribute to this ongoing work, please complete the form by clicking the link below. We look forward to meeting you! 

Apply here: Paleo Society Diversity & Inclusion Committee Membership Application
Deadline to apply: December 15th 2020

Development Committee Members

The goals of the Development Committee are to work to fulfill the Committee’s charge to find ways to fund new and existing initiatives by developing a culture of philanthropy among PS members and fostering regular giving. Current emphasis is on the three-year “This IS PS!” (Inclusive and Safe Paleontological Society) campaign to increase support for diversity and inclusion.

Committee meets as needed, with several virtual meetings a year and other business conducted by email.

Currently we have two vacancies, and we would welcome additional members.

Durations of the positions are flexible, but ideally 3 years.

Skills requested are enthusiasm for the PS and its work, especially efforts to increase diversity within the Society, and willingness to share that enthusiasm with others.

Contact:  Tricia Kelley [email protected]  and/or Roy Plotnick [email protected]

Student Research Grants Committee Members

Members of the Student Research Grants Committee review grant proposals and make award recommendations to the committee chair.

Proposal submission deadline is early February, and reviews are due back to the committee chair in early March so results can be presented to Council at the Mid-Year Meeting March 20, 2021.

Reviewers are asked to serve for two to three years.

Each year, members are asked to review about 20 student proposals and to recommend the top 3 - 5 candidates for awards.

Contact:  Karen Koy  [email protected]

Education and Outreach Committee Members

The E&O committee is always looking for volunteers who would like to help us promote education and outreach in the paleontological community.

The term is a minimum of three years-- although lots of folks choose to stay on.

The responsibilities include (your choice of three):

  1. Reviewing and providing feedback on Outreach and Education grants (4-6) during the month of April
  2. Reviewing and providing feedback on Student Ambassador applications (4-6) during the month of August
  3. Attending an Education and Outreach committee meeting at GSA 
  4. Reviewing and providing feedback on student poster presentations at GSA
  5. Responding to E&O emails that arrive via the website (4-6, usually K-12)
  6. Reviewing and revising the PS E&O website (ongoing)

Alternatively, you can volunteer to be the lead on one of the bigger projects (O&E grants, Student Ambassador, Posters) rather than volunteering for three.

Contact: Rowan Lockwood [email protected]

Strimple Award Committee Members

The Strimple Award is given to recognize outstanding achievement in paleontology by non-vocational amateurs.

We seek a vertebrate paleontologist and a micropaleontologist to serve on the committee.

Committee members are asked to review dossiers and provide a ranking to the committee chair, along with brief comments about each candidate. 

Evaluation of dossiers begins in February and concludes prior to the Mid-Year Meeting on March 20, 2021 when results are reported to Council.

Contact:   Anne Raymond  [email protected]

The invitation to participate in the Society’s activities may also serve to spark your ideas for further activities in which the Society could engage to serve members better or more fully. Please let us hear from YOU.

A final note --our website is still in transition from old to new as we update content and modernize access relevant to our members.  We look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions for improvement.

Please contact the Communications Officer, Tara Lepore at [email protected] or the Webmaster, Ana Canon at [email protected] with your thoughts, we would love to hear from you.

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