Past Technical Sessions

2020 Technical Sessions

T33. Evolving Perspectives on the Tonian Biosphere and Environmental Change

T46. An Interdisciplinary View of Paleozoic Glaciations and Icehouse Climates: Sedimentology,
Paleoclimate, Paleontology, Geochemistry, Geochronology, and Modeling

T50. Interactions between Life, Tectonics, Climate, and Sedimentary Systems at the Neoproterozoic-
Early Cambrian Transition

T51. Oceans and Climates through Earth History: From Proxy Reconstructions to Model Assessments

T53. Cushman Symposium: Perspectives- Cushman Foundation 70 Years, Foraminifera 600 Million

T55. Insights from Microfossils and Their Modern Analogs: From Traditional to Emerging Approaches

T56. Co-Evolution of Earth’s Surface Environment and Eukaryotic Life from the Mid-Proterozoic to
Early Paleozoic

T61. Climatic and Biotic Processes through the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic as Reconstructed
from Microfossil Records

T62. The Co-Evolution of Phanerozoic Climate, Landscapes, and Terrestrial Ecosystems

T63. The Ordovician Earth: New Insights to Environmental and Biotic Responses in the Fossil and Rock Record

*T64. Future Leaders in Paleontology

T65. Applications of Conodonts to Integrated Studies of Biostratigraphy, Chemostratigraphy and
Sequence Stratigraphy—North American Pander Society Annual Meeting

T66. Reconstructing Events of the Late Devonian: Fossil and Rock Record Insights into a Dynamic

T67. Trends and Patterns in Neoproterozoic–Cambrian Biodiversity and Evolutionary Originations

T69. Polar Paleobiology and Paleoenvironmental Proxies

T70. Cephalopods Present and Past: Insights into Evolution, Paleobiology, and Links to
Paleoenvironmental Change

T74. Improving the Accessibility of Natural History Collection

T76. Exceptional Fossilization in Time and Space

T78. Biotic Interactions through Time

T79. Ecosystem Engineering through Earth History

T80. Biosediments: Tracking Biogenic Materials and Sedimentation Processes through Time

T81. Ichnology as a Global Proxy Multitool to Reconstruct Biodiversity, Ecology, Hydrology, and
Climate in Continental to Marine Settings

T82. Surf to Sea, Small to Large, Bottom to Top: Ecosystem Perspectives on the Marine Fossil Record

T85. Linking Biological Questions to Paleontological Data: Statistical Models, Technological
Advancements and Conceptual Improvements

T86. Shape, Size, and Function: New Approaches to Morphometric Analyses

T87. Growing a Skeleton: Methodological and Theoretical Approaches to Unraveling the Stories
Preserved in Skeletal Materials

T110. A Matter of Time: The Stratigraphic Record of Time and the Future of Timescale Calibration

T159. The ICE Melted and the Seas ROSE – Depositional Patterns on Continental Shelves during
Glacial-Interglacial Cycles

T164. Crossing the Salinity Divide—Life through the Gateway between Marine and Freshwater Systems

T166. Lakes of the World through Time and Space

2018 GSA Technical and Theme Sessions Sponsored by the Paleontological Society

Topical Sessions

T37. Global Change: Evolution and Extinctions in the Triassic

T69. Innovations in Using Fossil Collections for Deep Time Education and Outreach

T91. Evolution of Paleontological Art

T117. Greenhouse to Icehouse Transition: Global Events of the Devonian, Carboniferous, and Early Permian

T118. Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions from Biogenic Carbonates

T119. Extinction and Survival across the Triassic-Jurassic Boundary

T120. Cushman Foundation Symposium: Hothouse to Coldhouse Transitions at Southern High Paleolatitudes during the Cretaceous and Cenozoic

T121. Insights from Microfossils, Palynology, and Their Modern Analogs: From Traditional to Emerging Techniques

T122. Oceans and Climates through Earth History: From Proxy Reconstructions to Model Assessments (Posters)

T123. Cephalopods through Time

T124. Integrated Biostratigraphy (Posters)

T125. EARTHTIMEs and EarthRates: Exploring the Tempo and Mode of Earth-System Processes and Evolution

T126. Earth and Life Co-Evolution in the Early to Middle Neoproterozoic (1000 to ~635 Ma)

T127. Earth-Life Transitions: Critical Information from Deep Time to Manage Future Environmental Change

T128. Recent Advances in Ichnology: Traces of Modern and Ancient Behavior

T129. Evolution of Terrestrial Ecosystems: Community Assembly through Time

T130. Phylogenetic Paleobiology: Exploring Macroevolutionary Trends with Evolutionary Trees

T131. Phylogenetic Paleoecology; Macroecology Within an Evolutionary Framework

T132. Applications of 3D Printing and Other 3D Methods to Experimental Paleontology

T133. Molecular, Developmental, and Genomic Approaches to Understanding the Fossil Record

T134. Echinoderm Paleobiology: In Honor of the Career of James Sprinkle

T135. Paleopathology: Incidences of Disease, Trauma, and Infection from Arthropods to Anthropology

T157. Evolving Perspectives of the Precambrian World: Using Combined Theoretical and Applied Approaches to Tackle Problems at the Intersection of Geology, Geobiology, and Geochemistry

T174. Permian-Triassic Biotic Crisis: New Insights through Integrative Studies of Earth, Ocean and Atmosphere

T175. Late Jurassic through Early Cretaceous Geologic Time Scale

Discipline Sessions

D15: Paleontology, Taphonomy and Biostratigraphy

D16: Paleontology, Macroevolution and Biogeography

D17: Paleontology, Paleoecology B

D18: Paleontology, Extinctions and Paleoecology

D19: Paleontology, Vertebrate Paleontology (Posters)

D21: Paleontology, Paleoecology I

D22: Paleontology, Paleoecology and Taphonomy (Posters)

D23: Paleontology, Evolution and Development

D24: Paleontology, Morphology and Systematics

D25: Paleontology, Systematics and Morphological Patterns (Posters)