Donating to the Paleontological Society

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The Paleontological Society has many options for donating to support its mission of advancing knowledge and understanding of paleontology and life’s evolution through research, education, and advocacy, while supporting and championing a diversity of voices. All donations are tax deductible. You can contribute to: 

  • This IS PS!, which funds the Inclusive and Safe Paleontological Society (This IS PS), our diversity and inclusion initiative, including support for conference participation, increased financial assistance and mentorship for students from diverse backgrounds to attend their first GSA Annual Meeting, and engagement with campuses serving historically underrepresented students by expansion of the Distinguished Lecturer program. 
  • Sepkoski Grants - Paleontological Society International Research Program (PalSIRP), established to aid research in countries with limited internal support.
  • Student Research Fund, which supports our Student Research Grants.  Many of these grants are funded by awards named in memory or honor of colleagues. You can designate one of these award funds. If you wish to set up a new named award in honor of someone, contact the PS CIO.
  • Education and Outreach. In support of the many programs and activities involving educational outreach and community engagement, including Education and Outreach Grants and the Student Ambassadors program.
  • Arthur James Boucot Research Grants to assist early career paleontologists in the fields of morphology, taxonomy, and biostratigraphy, preferably with some combination of these approaches and a significant fieldwork component.
  • Norman Newell Early Career Grant Program complements the Arthur Boucot grants, with preference given to research projects in areas not covered by the Boucot grant program.
  • Analytical Paleontology Workshop Fund, which funds graduate student participation in this workshop that introduces them to a range of analytical methods that are foundational to or at the cutting edge of paleobiological research.
  • Strimple Fund.  Supports PS outreach efforts to amateur and avocational paleontologists, including the Strimple Award, which honors their contributions.
  • Publications Endowment Fund: general fund to support all Society publications.
  • Paleobiology Patrons Fund, to aid publication of the journal Paleobiology and Special Issues of the journal. There is a $50 minimum contribution to this fund.

Or you can make an:

  • Unrestricted Contribution to back all the Society’s programs.

You will be able to make donations to multiple funds, in any amount that you are comfortable giving. Your act of giving helps build a rich and diverse culture of philanthropy within the Paleontological Society. Thank you for your help in building a better future for our Society and science!

Click here to donate! 

If you prefer to pay by check, please make your check (in US Dollars only, please) payable to The Paleontological Society and mail to:

The Paleontological Society
7918 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 300
McLean VA 22102

Please be sure to indicate the name of the fund(s) to which you would like to donate in the memo field of your check.