Educational Resources

Guide to Outreach
To assist PS members interested in doing public outreach, the PS Education Committee has written a short pamphlet, “A Guide to Outreach: Engaging the Public with Paleontology“. This short guide will help you plan your own outreach efforts, from identifying key ideas to include to finding a venue and developing a specific activity. Bringing paleontology to new audiences can be tremendously rewarding for you and have a real impact on your participants. It’s also great fun! We hope you will be inspired to get out there and share your love of paleontology!

The Digital Atlas of Ancient Life
The Digital Atlas website, developed by the Paleontological Research Institution, includes online field guides to fossils, an open access paleontology textbook, a virtual collection of 3D models of fossil specimens, and additional classroom resources for teachers.

The ACCESS (or ACCESS Paleo) program is a collaborative partnership between the University of California Museum of Paleontology (UCMP) and community college instructors to bring engaging paleo- and geoscience labs to college classrooms around the country.

The Earth@Home website, developed by the Paleontological Research Institution, includes place-based information about Earth science, an open access Earth science textbook, virtual fieldwork experiences, virtual Earth science lab activities for K-12 students, and virtual collections of 3D models of rock and mineral specimens.

Paleocast funded in part by the Paleontological Society
Palaeocast launched on Sept. 1, 2012!  This site, funded by a Paleontological Society Outreach and Education grant, provides podcasts in which paleontologists describe their research findings and a forum where you can discuss paleontological topics.  Check it out!

Evolution of Life Activites
Activities on various aspects of paleontology with some video demonstrations; check out the ELI blog as well for new ideas on all aspects of earth science learning.

Falls of the Ohio State Park
Downloadable do-at-home activities for kids, resources for teachers and other educational resources.

A Career in Paleontology
Learn more about what paleontologists do, how they are trained, and how you can become one!

Understanding Evolution
Award-winning website with great resources to learn more about how evolution works.

Understanding Science
Not sure just what sets science apart from other ways of understanding the world? Explore this website!

Explorations Through Time
A set of K-12 lessons on paleontology and geologic time distributed by the University of California Museum of Paleontology.

Hands-On Classroom Activities

The PS Education and Outreach Committee has developed these hands-on classroom activities for use by teachers, parents, and PS members engaged in outreach.  They may be downloaded and reproduced for educational use only.

Dinosaurs Big and Small [PDF 113 KB]
Geological Timeline [PDF 7.1 MB]
Measuring Fossils [PDF 107 KB]
Modeling Fossilization [PDF 115 KB]
My Favorite Dinosaur [PDF 118 KB]
Observing Fossils [PDF 109 KB]

Educational Brochures

Brachiopods [PDF 233 KB]
Bryozoan [PDF 149 KB]
Corals [PDF 232 KB]
Crinoids [PDF 211 KB]
Fossil Shark Teeth [PDF 101 KB]
Mollusks [PDF 180 KB]
Oldest Fossil Evidence of Life [PDF 175 KB]