Society Patrons

Grand Patrons

Grand Patrons are members or friends of the Paleontological Society elected as Patrons by the PS Council and cited as Grand Patrons by the President in recognition of their exceptional generosity to the Paleontological Society.

Richard K. Bambach
Robert and Elvira Gastaldo

Arthur J. Boucot
Rodney M. Feldmann and Carrie Schweitzer
The Family of N. Gary Lane
A. R. (Pete) Palmer
J. William Schopf
Raman J. Singh
Steven M. Stanley
Johnny A. Waters
Scott L. Wing


Persons or organizations may be elected by the PS Council as Patrons, in recognition of exceptional service rendered to the Paleontological Society or other important favors bestowed upon the Society. Upon receipt of a gift of $1,000 or more, the donor may be elected as a Patron by vote of the Council.

Edward J. Andrew, Jr.
William I. Ausich
Bruce M. Bell
Stig M. Bergstrom
David J. Bottjer
Derek E. G. Briggs
James C. Brower
John L. Carter
Peter R. Crane
The Cushman Foundation
J. Robert Dodd
Mary L. Droser
Lucy E. Edwards
Robert J. Elias
J. Mark Erickson
Douglas H. Erwin
Howard R. Feldman
Robert M. Finks
Karl W. Flessa
Terrence J. Frest
Robert A. Gastaldo
Brian F. Glenister
F. D. (Bud) Holland, Jr.
J. Stewart Hollingsworth
Nigel C. Hughes
Thomas W. Kammer
Erle G. Kauffman
Patricia H. Kelley
Susan M. Kidwell
Andrew H. Knoll
Charles Lane
Allan R. Larson
Cecilia Lenk and Paul K. Strother
Jere H. Lipps
Alan R. Lord

Chris Maples and Sara Marcus
Janet Wood McGregor
Cheryl L. Metz
Molly F. and Calvin Miller
Ronald W. Morin
Osborne B. Nye, Jr.
Teresa O’Neill
Ronald L. Parsley
Mark E. Patzkowsky
John Pojeta, Jr.
Mary Lou Pojeta
John K. Pope
Anne Raymond
Margaret N. Rees
Frank H. T. Rhodes
Richard A. Robison
June R. P. and Charles A. Ross
Christopher A. Shaw
Frederick C. Shaw
Lawrence M. Small
George D. Stanley, Jr.
Robert J. Stanton, Jr.
Carl W. Stock
Roger D. K. Thomas
Bruce H. Tiffney
Sally E. Walker
Ron F. Waszczak
Johnny A. Waters
Gary D. Webster
Mark A. Wilson
Scott L. Wing
Abby Yochelson
Charles Yochelson
Jeffery B. Yochelson
Louis G. Zachos