Pojeta Award

The Pojeta Award was established to recognize exceptional professional or public service, by individuals or groups, to the furtherance of the field of paleontology, above and beyond that of existing formal roles or responsibilities. Nominees need not be professional paleontologists.  The award is not intended to recognize published scientific-research accomplishments.

Deadline: February 1
Nominations received after this date will be held for the next year.
Nominations will be active for five years after receipt, but may be updated yearly, at the discretion of the nominator

How to Nominate:
The nomination dossiers should include:

  • Nominee’s full name, address, phone number (and email if available).
  • Contact information for nominator.
  • Description of the nominee’s achievements in paleontology (not to exceed three pages).
  • Multiple Supporting letters and other documentation

All nominations must be submitted electronically by completing and submitting this form. The nomination must be submitted in a single PDF file as a form attachment. Please note -- nominations that include letters of support from multiple people tend to be more competitive.

An email confirmation of receipt will be sent to all nominators.

The selectee (if not a current PS member) will be asked to complete a PS Professional Conduct Self-Reporting Form at the time the award is decided by the committee, as prescribed in the Paleontological Society Policy on Non-Discrimination and Member Code of Conduct. If, for any reason, a nominee is uncomfortable about completing the form, they are welcome to contact a member of the ethics committee for a confidential conversation in advance.

For more information, contact Rowan Lockwood, Chair, Pojeta Award Committee.