Past Officers

The Society is run by volunteer officers who are elected by the full Membership of the Society. These officers donate their time, talent, and energy to the Society, and we are deeply indebted to them. In the lists below, the reader will recognize some of the “giants” of the science of paleobiology; each has left his/her mark and made significant contributions not only to paleontology but to the Society as well.

Note: Terms of officers end with Annual Meeting of Society, which normally occurs in November of the year in the tables below.


Beginning with organization of the Society in 1908, the Presidents were elected for a one-year term. With the adoption of the Tenth Revision of the Constitution and By-Laws on 21 Oct. 1997, the Presidents were elected to serve a two-year term beginning in 1998; this also affected the terms of the Presidents-Elect.

1909  J. M. Clarke
1910  Charles Schuchert
1911  W. B. Scott
1912  David White
1913  Charles D. Walcott
1914  H. F. Osborn
1915  E. O. Ulrich
1916  R. Ruedemann
1917  J. C. Merriam
1918  F. H. Knowlton
1919  R. T. Jackson
1920  F. B. Loomis
1921  T. W. Stanton
1922  W. D. Matthew
1923  T. W. Vaughan
1924  E. W. Berry
1925  R. S. Lull
1926  Stuart Weller
1927  W. A. Parks
1928  A. F. Foerste
1929  E. C. Case
1930  W. H. Twenhofel
1931  E. R. Cumings
1932  R. S. Bassler
1933  E. M. Kindle
1934  P. E. Raymond
1935  C. K. Swartz
1936  G. D. Harris
1937  J. A. Cushman
1938  C. W. Gilmore
1939  R. W. Chaney
1940  Carl O. Dunbar
1941  L. W. Stephenson
1942  E. H. Sellards
1943  J. B. Reeside, Jr.
1944  B. F. Howell
1945  Chester Stock

1946  J. B. Knight
1947  Raymond C. Moore
1948  Wendell P. Woodring
1949  Winifred Goldring
1950  C. E. Weaver
1951  H. E. Vokes
1952  Julia A. Gardner
1953  W. S. Cole
1954  W. S. Ladd
1955  A. S. Warthin
1957  G. Arthur Cooper
1958  A. K. Miller
1959  F. M. Swartz
1960  Kenneth E. Caster
1961  Norman D. Newell
1962  J. W. Wells
1963  S. W. Muller
1964  Ralph W. Imlay
1965  H. B. Whittington
1966  J. Wyatt Durham
1967  E. C. Stumm
1968  Alan B. Shaw
1969  Digby J. McLaren
1970  William H. Easton
1971  Bernhard Kummel
1972  Curt Teichert
1973  Porter M. Kier
1974  James W. Valentine
1975  William A. Oliver, Jr.
1976  Ellis L. Yochelson
1977  David M. Raup

1978  Frank G. Stehli
1979  Richard E. Grant
1980  Warren O. Addicott
1981  Arthur J. Boucot
1982  Erle G. Kauffman
1983  A. R. (Pete) Palmer
1984  Walter C. Sweet
1985  Helen Tappan-Loeblich
1986  Norman F. Sohl

1987  Stephen Jay Gould
1988  N. Gary Lane
1989  Brian F. Glenister
1990  John Pojeta, Jr.
1991  Thomas E. Bolton
1992  Roger L. Kaesler
1993  Rodney M. Feldmann
1994  Steven M. Stanley
1995  Craig C. Black
1996  J. John Sepkoski, Jr.
1997  Jere H. Lipps
1998  Karl A. Flessa
1999 - 2000  Peter H. Crane
2001 - 2002  Patricia H. Kelley
2003 - 2004  William I. Ausich
2005 - 2006  David J. Bottjer
2007 - 2008  Derek E. G. Briggs
2009 - 2010  Doug Erwin
2011 - 2012  Philip D. Gingerich
2013 - 2014  Sandra J. Carlson
2015 - 2016  Steven M. Holland
2017 - 2018  Arnold I. Miller
2019 - 2020  Bruce J. MacFadden
2021 - 2022  William DiMichele


Beginning with the new slate of Officers in November 1969 (with William O. Easton), the Office of Vice President ceased to exist and was replaced by President-Elect, who succeeded to the Office of President the following year.  Thus, the President-Elects are not listed in the tables here.

1910  E. O. Ulrich, S. W. Williston, F. H. Knowlton
1911  A. Hollick, W. D. Matthew, Stuart Weller
1912  J. C. Merriam, R. Ruedemann, E. W. Berry
1913  H. S. Williams, G. R. Wieland, Bashford Dean
1914  F. M. Anderson, F. B. Loomis, R. T. Jackson
1915  J. C. Merriam, G. Van Ingen, F. H. Knowlton
1916  T. W. Vaughan, A. F. Foerste, E. B. Branson
1917  W. D. Matthew, E. W. Berry, A. W. Grabau
1918  A. Hollick, L. W. Stephenson, F. B. Loomis
1919  G. Van Ingen, W. Granger, T. W. Vaughan
1920  E. C. Case, R. Arnold, E. M. Kindle
1921  C. K. Swartz, W. J. Sinclair, A. Hollick
1923  W. A. Parks, W. H. Twenhofel, O. P. Hay
1924  E. H. Barbour, F. Springer, F. M. Anderson.
1925  T. E. Savage, E. C. Case, Charles Butts
1926  E. H. Barbour, B. L. Clark, Mignon Talbot
1927  P. E. Raymond, L. W. Stephenson, R. C. Moore  
1928  M. G. Mehl, G. R. Wieland, E. R. Cumings
1929  B. F. Howell, Chester Stock, J. A. Cushman
1930  R. W. Chaney, Barnum Brown, A. O. Thomas
1931  J. J. Galloway, A. C. Noe, J. W. Gidley
1932  F. B. Plummer, E. H. Sellards, C. W. Gilmore
1933  E. B. Branson, J. B. Reeside, M. A. Hanna
1934  C. Stock, A. C. Noe, G. Scott
1935  E. S. Riggs, C. E. Resser, G. D. Hanna
1936  H. W. Shimer, N. L. Thomas
1937  Cary G. Croneis
1938  Gayle Scott
1939  A. S. Romer

1940  P. S. Warren
1942  H. G. Schenk
1943  Erling Dorf
1944  Siemon Muller
1945  Marshall Kay
1946  T. H. Clark
1947  G. Arthur Cooper
1948  C. W. Cooke
1949  Norman D. Newell
1950  W. S. Cole
1951  Julia Gardner
1952  H. D. Hedberg
1953  J. Wyatt Durham
1954  G. M. Ehlers
1955  V. J. Okulitch
1956  Glenn L. Jepsen
1957  F. M. Swartz
1958  Kenneth E. Caster
1959  William R. Evitt
1960  John W. Wells
1961  Siemon W. Muller
1962  Ralph W. Imlay
1963  Edwin H. Colbert
1964  Harry B. Whittington
1965  Robert M. Kleinpell
1966  Erwin C. Stumm
1967  Alan B. Shaw
1968  Digby J. McLaren


1910-29  R. S. Bassler
1930-39  B. F. Howell
1940-49  H. E. Vokes
1950-55  Kenneth E. Caster
1955-62  Harry B. Whittington
1962-70  Ralph L. Langenheim
1970-76  Warren O. Addicott
1976-82  Walter C. Sweet
1982-88  John Pojeta, Jr.

1988-94  Donald L. Wolberg
1994-99  Thomas W. Henry
1999-03  Carl W. Stock
2003-09  Roger D. K. Thomas
2010-11  Lisa E. Park
2011-15  Mark A. Wilson
2016-19  Peg Yacobucci
2019-21  Claudia C. Johnson


1910       W. D. Matthew
1911-22  R. S. Lull
1923-37  Carl O. Dunbar
1938-45  R. R. Shrock
1945-46  Carl O. Dunbar
1947-55  F. M. Swartz
1955-63  C. C. Albritton
1963-69  Bernhard Kummel
1969-75  George J. Verville
1975-81  J. A. Fagerstrom

1981-87  Roger L. Kaesler
1987-93  June R. P. Ross
1993-96  Johnny A. Waters
1996-02  Thomas W. Kammer
2002-08  Mark E. Patzkowsky
2008-11  Roy E. Plotnick
2011-17  Peter Harries
2017-20  Alycia Stigall


1980-86   R. D. K. Thomas
1986-89   J. A. Kitchell
1989-92   Peter M. Sheehan
1992-97   Michael R. Sandy
1997-00   Mary L. Droser
2000-06   Mark A. Wilson
2006-09   Rowan Lockwood
2009-15  Tom Olszewski
2016-21  Matthew Clapham


1999-04   Dale A. Springer
2004-10   Michael A. Gibson
2010-15  Margaret (Peg) Yacobucci
2016-17  Margaret Fraiser
2018-22  Rowan Lockwood

EDITOR, Journal of Paleontology

1935-37  J. B. Reeside, Jr.
1938-47  C. W. Cooke
1947-53  A. S. Warthin, Jr.
1953-56  W. R. Evitt
1957-64  E. C. Stumm, R. V. Kesling
1964-68  Porter M. Kier, William A. Oliver, Jr.
1969-71  N. Gary Lane, P. P. Vaughan
1972-76  W. C. Frey, W. A. Clemens, J. W. Durham, W. H. Peck
1976-82  Alan Coogan, Rodney M. Feldmann
1982-85  J. Keith Rigby, Leo Hintze
1985-88  Richard D. Hoare
1988-94   Don C. Steinker
1994-97  Daniel B. Blake
1998-03  Ann F. Budd, Brian J. Witzke, Julia Golden, Jonathan M. Adrain
 (managing co-editors)
2003-06  Jonathan M. Adrain, Ann F. Budd, Christopher A. Brochu
2006-09   Stephen Westrop, Richard Lupia
2009-11  Brian T. Huber, Brian R. Pratt
2011-15  Steven J. Hageman, Brian R. Pratt
2016-21  Brenda Hunda

EDITOR, Paleobiology

1974-76 T. J. M. Schopf, Ralph G. Johnson
1976-80 T. J. M. Schopf, James Hopson
1980-83 James Hopson
1983-86 J. John (Jack) Sepkoski, Jr.
1986-89 Richard Cowen, P. W. Signor
1989-95 Arnold I. Miller, David L. Meyer
1995-01 Douglas H. Erwin, Scott L. Wing
2002-04     John M. Pandolfi, William A. DiMichele
2004-07  Tomasz K. Baumiller, Robyn J. Burnham, Philip D. Gingerich
2007-10 Peter J. Wagner, Matthew Carrano
2010-11 Bruce MacFadden, Douglas Jones, Jonathan Bloch
2012-15 Bruce MacFadden, Douglas Jones, Jonathan Bloch, Michal Kowalewski
2016-22 Mark Patzkowsky

EDITOR, Priscum

2007-10   Lisa M. Amati
2010-13 Philip Novack-Gottshall
2014-16 Matthew Powell
2016-21 Leigh Fall


1982-88  Thomas W. Broadhead, Kenneth R. Walker
1988-95  S. J. Culver, Randall S. Spencer, Carl F. Koch
1995-97  William I. Ausich, Loren E. Babcock
1997-00  Walter L. Manger
2000-06  Russell D. White
2006-09   Susan H. Butts
2009-11  Sankar Chatterjee
2011-17  Sara Marcus
2018-23  Colin Sumrall

EDITOR, Memoir Series

On recommendation of Kenneth E. Caster, Council voted in April 1979 to suspend election of further Memoir Editors until there were manuscripts available to edit. Subsequently, this function was assumed by Editors of the Journal of Paleontology.

1968-70   Patrick K. Sutherland
1970-76   Charles L. Rowett
1976-79   Kenneth E. Caster


1910-30: No Councilors were provided by Constitution. 1931-68: Council composed of three immediate Past-Presidents (who acted as Councilors), President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, and Chair of Pacific Coast Section. Beginning in 1975, the Councilors whose tenure occupies odd years are Councilors Under 40; even years are Councilors-At-Large (Unrestricted).

1968-69  A. R. (Pete) Palmer, Brian F. Glenister
1969-70  A. G. Fischer, A. R. Ormiston
1970-71  James M. Schopf, Earl G. Kauffman
1971-72  T. Delevoryas, Richard A. Robison
1972-73  Walter C. Sweet, Erle G. Kauffman
1973-74  Harlan P. Banks, Stephen Jay Gould
1974-76  Stephen Jay Gould, Karl M. Waage
1975-77  Steven M. Stanley
1976-78  Joseph T. Gregory
1977-79  R. Niles Eldredge
1978-80  Donald L. Eicher
1979-81  Philip D. Gingerich
1980-82  Leigh M. Van Valen
1981-83  James T. Sprinkle
1982-84  Geerat J. Vermeij
1983-85  Jennifer Kitchell
1984-86  June C. Ross
1985-87  Peter D. Ward
1986-88  Roger J. Cuffey
1987-89  Cathryn R. Newton
1988-90  Rodney M. Feldmann
1989-91  Thomas E. Broadhead
1990-92  Steven M. Stanley
1991-93  David Jablonski
1992-94  Frank C. McKinney
1993-95  Dana H. Geary

1994-96  Peter D. Ward
1995-97  Sandra J. Carlson
1996-98  H. Richard Lane
1997-99  Loren E. Babcock
1998-00  William I. Ausich
1999-01  Nigel C. Hughes
2000-02  Christopher G. Maples
2001-03  Steven M. Holland
2002-04  Robert A. Gastaldo
2003-05  Lisa E. Park
2004-06  Anne L. Raymond
2005-07  Jennifer C. McElwain
2006-08  Peg (Margaret M.) Yacobucci
2007-09  Dena M. Smith
2008-10  Sally Walker
2009-11  Brenda Hunda
2010-12  Linda Ivany
2011-13  Alycia Stigall
2012-14  Peter Wilf
2013-15  Margaret Fraiser
2014-16  Laurie Collins
2015-17  Kate Bulinski
2016-18  Susan Kidwell
2017-19  Caroline Stromberg
2018-20  Gabriela M. Mangano
2019-21  Phoebe Cohen


Although the Student Representative was not a voting member of Council until the Eleventh Revision of the Constitution and By-Laws, approved in November 1998, the first two Student Representatives acted as observers and provided significant input into Council Meetings and are included in the Society’s “Honor Roll”. In 2007, the PS Council recommended and the PS membership later affirmed a motion to add a second Student Representative to the Council and to amend the term of service. Thereafter, the Student Representatives serve two-year terms that overlap by one year.

1996-97  Stephen T. Hasiotis (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder)
1997-98  Stephen A. Schellenberg (Univ. of Southern California)
1998-99  Donna D. Carlson (University of Cincinnatti)
1999-00  S. Kathleen Lyons (University of Chicago)
2000-01  Seth Finnegan (University of California-Riverside)
2001-02  Gregory S. Herbert (University of California-Davis)
2002-03  Alycia Rode (University of Kansas)
2003-04  Leif Tapanila (University of Utah)
2004-05  Austin Hendy (University of Cincinnati)
2005-06  Jocelyn Sessa (Pennsylvania State University)
2006-08  Phoebe A. Cohen (Harvard University)
2007-09  Christy C. Visaggi (University of North Carolina, Wilmington)
2008-10  Jay Zambito (University of Cincinnati)
2009-11  N. Ryan McKenzie (University of California, Riverside)
2010-12  Andrew Haveles (University of Minnesota)
2011-13  Sarah Tweedt (University of Maryland)
2013-15  Emma Locatelli
2012-14  Max Christie
2014-16  Lucy Chang
2016-18  Emily Orzechowski
2015-17  Sharon McMullen
2017-19  Kris Kusernik
2018-20  Bridget Kelly
2019-21  Annaka Clement
2020-22  Jeanette Pirlo