The Paleontological Society Statement Against Asian Hatred

The Paleontological Society condemns the violence, racism, misogyny, and discrimination that have been perpetrated against the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Anti-Asian racism has a long history in the US. Hate speech and violence against Asian Americans have increased since the spread of COVID-19 began in the U.S. last year. Since then, reported hate crimes against this community have increased by nearly 150%. As a scientific society, we condemn the false, unscientific, and racist rhetoric surrounding COVID-19 that blames people of Asian descent for the pandemic. We must also speak out against anti-Asian rhetoric and violence because science cannot be separated from the people who do it, nor can science contribute to societal needs without confronting systemic societal injustices.

Asian Americans are underrepresented in the geosciences and have been subjected to racist and exclusionary behaviors from our community. The Paleontological Society asks our members to take direct anti-racist action that supports and promotes justice for the Asian and Pacific Islander communities. Reach out to your colleagues and fellow members to support each other and hold each other accountable.

Please revisit the Paleontological Society’s Policy on Non-Discrimination and Member Code of Conduct

We further direct you to the following resources:

Fred T. Korematsu Institute — Social Justice and Education Resources

Asian Americans Advancing Justice — Resources to Stand Against Racism

Hollaback! — Harassment Prevention and Bystander Intervention Training

Anti-Asian Violence Resources — Resources to Address Anti-Asian Violence

STOP AAPI HATE — Report and Respond to Anti-Asian Hatred

NAPABA (National Asian Pacific American Bar Association) Hate Crimes Task Force and Pro Bono Legal Resources — Legal Resources

two-page resource created by Asian American Arts Alliance - PDF with steps to stand up against AAPI hate

resources by the Asian American Feminist Collective

Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders in Geosciences — new affinity group coming soon

Contact: [email protected]