2018 PS Short Course

Pedagogy and Technology in the Modern Paleontology Classroom
Paleontological Society Short Course 2018
Organized by Phoebe Cohen, Lisa Boush, and Rowan Lockwood
Saturday, November 3rd from 9am-5pm
Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN
Free, open to all paleontologists and educators

Please register in advance by October 15th by submitting your name and sample syllabus:


Our goal is to get the entire paleontological community excited about education and to help participants brainstorm effective strategies for teaching paleontology and earth history.  We’re developing a format that’s a little different from the typical PS short course. The program includes a combination of lectures and breakout sessions with a focus on general teaching topics in the morning, and teaching with online databases (including PBDB, Macrostrat, and Neotoma) in the afternoon. Topics to be presented include active learning strategies, flipped classrooms, incorporating research into teaching, kinesthetic learning, how students learn, diversity and inclusion in the classroom, and confronting prior conceptions. Our presenters include paleontologists and educators with a variety of backgrounds and years of experience.

The workshop will cater to both early career participants (including students and post-docs) and later career participants. Our target audience includes two and four year college faculty who teach (or are interested in teaching) introductory geology, historical geology, and/or paleontology courses. Please help us spread the word by forwarding this announcement to colleagues, post-docs, and students!

Sample teaching ideas and activities will be made freely available via the SERC (Science Education Resource Center) website. Short course presentations will be published by Cambridge University Press as an online volume free to all PS members.

We’re advertising the format well in advance, and asking participants to commit to attending by pre-registering using the following link and uploading their course syllabus (paleo, historical, or intro) by October 15th:


Those who haven’t yet developed a syllabus are welcome to attend as well but also encouraged to pre-register. Pre-registration is not required to attend the short course but highly encouraged.

We hope that you can join us in Indianapolis! And please let us know if you have any questions…

Rowan Lockwood (William and Mary)

Phoebe Cohen (Williams College)

Lisa Boush (University of Connecticut)





Matthew E. Clapham Flipping the Paleontology Classroom: Benefits, Challenges, and Strategies
Phoebe A. Cohen, Rowan Lockwood, Shanan Peters Integrating Macrostrat and RockD into Undergraduate Earth Science Teaching
Robyn Mieko Dahl Education Research as Applied to Paleontology Education: How People Learn and How We Can Teach More Effectively
David W. Goldsmith Beyond Hands On: Incorporating Kinesthetic Learning in an Undergraduate Paleontology Class
Simon James Goring, Russell Graham, Shane Loeffler, Amy Myrbo, Carol J. Ormand, James S. Oliver III, John W. Williams The Neotoma Paleoecology Database: A Research Outreach Nexus
Patricia H. Kelley

Incorporating Research into Undergraduate Teaching, or a Tale of 23,276 Mulinia

Rowan Lockwood, Phoebe A. Cohen, Mark Uhen, Katherine Ryker

Utilizing the Paleobiology Database to Provide Educational Opportunities for Undergraduates

Alison Olcott Marshall Integrating Active Learning into Paleontology Classes of All Sizes
Darrin Pagnac Dinosaurs: A Catalyst for Critical Thought
Christy C. Visaggi Equity, Culture, and Place in Teaching Paleontology: Student-Centered Pedagogy for Broadening Participation
Margaret M. Yacobucci Confronting Prior Conceptions in Paleontology Courses