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Paleontological Society Conference Travel Grants to Support Inclusion

The Paleontological Society recognizes the importance of educational and research practices that foster diversity and inclusion. We value the contribution of diverse opinions, strategies, and experiences at the sessions, short courses, and workshops that we sponsor at meetings of the Geological Society of America and the North American Paleontological Convention and other conferences (such as SACNAS and NABG) as they are an integral part to the advancement of our field. However, many of our colleagues who work extensively on inclusive educational and research practices might not qualify for research-based funding for conference travel from their home institutions. In addition, colleagues from groups underrepresented in paleontology, in a career transition (between undergrad and grad, grad to post-doc, post-doc to position), or in adjunct, teaching, museum, or part-time positions are often the most vulnerable and most likely to leave paleontology and science. It is crucial that we ensure that these members are able to attend and participate in our meetings as well as network with community members who can provide the support and mentorship that is needed in these critical transitions or positions. Thus, the Paleontological Society is offering competitive conference travel grants to help offset the expenses PS members from underrepresented and/or at-risk groups who would be unable to attend these meetings without travel support.

Funding Amount
$1200 per award for in person attendees and $250 per award for online attendees

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The Paleo Society Announces the Implementation of NAVEX and Vault for Reporting Alleged Code of Conduct Violations

The Paleontological Society has entered into agreements with two services to facilitate the reporting of alleged violations to our Code of Conduct. These go under the names of NAVEX and Vault.

Both services have secure web-based portals that are now accessible from the PS website. Instructions on how to access and use these platforms can be found here.

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Call for Applications: Paleontological Society Funding for Meetings

Due: 5 PM (Pacific time zone), Friday March 4, 2022

Paleontological Society funds are available to support meetings or sessions organized by society members. Our first priority is to provide up to US$1000 to support stand-alone meetings, where your group is organizing the entire conference. If additional funds are available, we can also support speakers at individual sessions within larger meetings. If you are organizing a topical session within a larger meeting, we can provide US$400 per invited speaker for up to two presenters.

The Paleontological Society has a Code of Conduct that applies to society events and members, including at meetings sponsored by the society. Anyone witnessing prohibited behavior should file an allegation report with the ethics committee. We also encourage conference organizers to take proactive steps to create an inclusive meeting; many specific actions are described here.

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NAS Announces Dr. Mary Droser as Charles D. Walcott Medal Recipient

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Mary Droser has received the National Academy of Sciences Charles D. Walcott Medal for her studies of early animal evolution and ecology. 

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Droser, a Paleontological Society member who has contributed greatly to the Paleontological Society through her numerous service activities, and to the discipline of paleontology through her teaching, mentorship of students, and exemplary good will. 

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Call for Nominations - Fellows of the Paleontological Society

Please consider nominating one of your colleagues for Paleontological Society Fellow. Any PS member can nominate, though the nomination letter needs support from at least one PS Fellow. The deadline for nominations is February 28th. Click here for more information.

Note that the nomination process has changed. Multiple letters in support of a nominee will no longer be accepted; rather, nominators should submit a single, integrated letter, no more than three pages long, signed by at least two and no more than three PS members, at least one of whom must be an active Fellow.

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Paleo Society Student Rep Application Period Now Open

The Paleontological Society is soliciting nominations for the 2022–2024 Student Representative! The new representative will serve a two-year term that overlaps with our current Student Rep Jood Al Aswad.

What do the Student Representatives do?
Student Representatives serve as voices for student needs in the Society and play leading roles in student activities including organizing student events at the Geological Society of America Conference. Student Representatives are further encouraged to develop and lead new student initiatives. In this role, students gain knowledge of the inner-workings of an international organization and experience in professional service.

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UCMP's New "Understanding Evolution" Website

Check out the new and updated Understanding Evolution website, the brainchild of the team at the University of California Museum of Paleontology (UCMP)! We encourage you to utilize these great lessons and resources in your own classrooms, and share them with educator colleagues.

Announcement of 2021 Paleontology Society Fellows

Congratulations to our 2021 slate of distinguished Paleontology Society Fellows!


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A Message from Colin Sumrall, Editor in Chief, Elements of Paleontology

As Editor in Chief of the Paleontological Society’s Book/Journal Elements of Paleontology, I wanted to draw your attention to two recently published articles that highlight the breadth of Elements as well as highlight some of the publishing capabilities of the series.  Elements is more than just a series for the Paleontological Society Short Course Notes.  It publishes longer articles on a variety of paleontological topics including education and outreach in paleontology, stratigraphy, taxonomy and paleontological methods and techniques, to name a few.  As always, we are looking for content.  Feel free to contact me concerning ideas for new elements and edited volumes. 

The Stratigraphic Paleobiology of Nonmarine Systems by Steven Holland, University of Georgia; Katharine M. Loughney, University of Michigan 

This paper reviews issues surrounding the interplay of sequence stratigraphy and the fossil record in terrestrial settings 

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PS Ethics Committee Report

The Paleontological Society Ethics Committee is pleased to present its second annual report to Society members about its activities and investigations conducted in association with the PS Policy on Non-Discrimination and Member Code of Conduct.

Development of a Reciprocity Agreement with GSA

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PS Supports Tribute to Mary Anning

Mary Anning Rocks Initiative

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Paleontological Society Signs Historic Agreement with the National Park Service

The Paleontological Society is pleased to report the completion and signing of a joint Memorandum of Understanding with the National Park Service (NPS) and with the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. Although this MOU is potentially broad-reaching, one of its primary purposes is to enhance scientific efforts and stewardship of paleontological resources throughout the National Park System. The signing, which took place during a Government Affairs town hall meeting at the 2018 GSA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, culminated a process led by Vincent Santucci, Senior Paleontologist and Paleontology Program Coordinator, to envision and develop the memorandum.  Signatories included Dave Steensen, Chief of the Geological Resources Division for the National Park Service; Bruce MacFadden, President of the Paleontological Society; and P. David Polly, Past-President of the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology, on behalf of President Emily Rayfield.  As part of the ceremony, both Societies were presented with commemorative plaques by the NPS.

This unprecedented agreement signals a new era of collaboration between the Societies and the United States Department of the Interior intended to enhance the scientific and educational viability of fossil assemblages located on lands administered by the NPS.  As part of the agreement, the NPS has pledged to undertake a needs assessment, including the establishment of a comprehensive database of instances in which parks seek guidance, support, and assistance with paleontological resources; identify opportunities for paleontologists to become involved in management and research on these resources; and establish internship opportunities for the Society’s student members.

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