Future Leaders in Paleontology at GSA Connects 2022

The Paleontological Society is pleased to announce the fourth annual “Future Leaders in Paleontology” topical session at the 2022 GSA Annual Meeting. The goal of the session is to showcase the outstanding work of our student members in a high-profile setting. The Society will limit the number of paleontological sessions running concurrently with this special session, in order to have a prominent platform for our student members.

The Society invites all of its student members and recent graduates receiving a degree within the last year, particularly those nearing completion of their projects, to submit an abstract to GSA and fill out this Google Form. The session will bring together all types of paleontological research, spanning the full range of taxonomic groups, methods, and disciplines within our field. While advisors and other study participants are permitted to be co-authors on the presentation, the work must primarily reflect intellectual contributions of the student submitting the abstract.

In all, 15 presentations will be selected for inclusion in the Future Leaders in Paleontology session. Abstracts not selected will be assigned to another topical or discipline session as chosen by the presenter. If you have a preferred alternate session, please indicate that in this form and contact the Program Coordinator, John Huntley.

All presenters will be honored at the Paleontological Society banquet, and will be awarded a certificate to commemorate their participation, along with a cash prize of $100.

The Society looks forward to celebrating its students with this special event! If you have any questions about the Future Leaders in Paleontology session, please do not hesitate to contact John Huntley in advance of the deadline.

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