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Books available for review announcement - updated!

The following volumes are available to Paleontological Society members in exchange for writing a review in Priscum. Reviews should be informative, engaging, and 400–800 words long. The tone can be informal and casual, appropriate to recommending a book to colleagues. Reviews are expected to be returned within six months after receipt. Past book reviews can be found in past issues of Priscum at and must be a current member of the Paleontological Society before beginning review. If you are interested in reviewing one of these texts, please contact Book Reviews Editor Phil Novack-Gottshall ([email protected])

Book publishers: Please contact Book Reviews Editor Phil Novack-Gottshall ([email protected]) if you are interested in providing review copies for inclusion in Priscum, which has a readership of more than 1,100 professional and avocational paleontologists, and with reviews that are published with open access.

Available for Review:

Archer, M., S. Hand, L. Long, and T. Worthy. 2023. Prehistoric Australasia: Visions of Evolution and Extinction. CSIRO Publishing.

Benton, M.J. 2021. Dinosaurs: New Visions of a Lost World. Illustrations by B. Nicholls. Thames & Hudson.

Bibi, F., B. Kraatz, M. Beech, and A. Hill, eds. 2022. Sands of Time: Ancient Life in the Late Miocene of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Springer.

Carroll, S.B. 2021. A Series of Fortunate Events: Chance and the Making of the Planet, Life, and You. Princeton Univ. Press.

Croft, D. A., D. Su, and S. W. Simpson. 2018. Methods in Paleoecology. Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology Series. Springer.

Gee, H. 2018. Across the Bridge: Understanding the Origin of the Vertebrates. Univ. of Chicago Press.

Gerlach, J., ed. 2014. Western Indian Ocean Tortoises: Ecology, Diversity, Evolution, Conservation, Palaeontology. Siri Scientific Press.

Greenwalt, D. 2023. Remnants of Ancient Life: The New Science of Old Fossils. Princeton Univ. Press.

Jackson, P.N.W. 2019. Introducing Palaeontology—A Guide to Ancient Life. 2nd ed. Dunedin Academic Press.

Lucas, S. 2016. Dinosaurs. 6th ed. textbook. Columbia Univ. Press.

Marshall, M. 2020. The Genesis Quest: The Geniuses and Eccentrics on a Journey to Uncover the Origin of Life on Earth. Univ. Chicago Press.

Morgan, W. 2021. Collectors Guide to Fort Payne Crinoids and Blastoids. Indiana Univ. Press.

Pérez-Lorente, F. 2015. Dinosaur Footprints and Trackways of La Rioja. Indiana Univ. Press.

Retallack, G.J. 2023. Soil Grown Tall: The Epic Saga of Life from Earth. Springer.

Rieppel, O. 2019. Mesozoic Sea Dragons: Triassic Marine Life from the Ancient Tropical Lagoon of Monte San Giorgio. Indiana Univ. Press.

Swaby, A., J. R. Hendricks, and A. McGillis (illustrator). 2021. Into the Ordovician: Adventures in a Prehistoric World. An Illustrated Children’s Book. Paleontological Research Institute.

Swaby, A., J. R. Hendricks, and A. McGillis (illustrator). 2022. Silurian Journey: Adventures in a Prehistoric World. An Illustrated Children’s Book. Paleontological Research Institute.

Vermeij, G. 2023. The Evolution of Power: A New Understanding of the History of Life. Princeton Univ. Press.

Weedon, G. P. and S. D. Chapman. 2022. Ichthyosaurs from the Early Jurassic of Britain. Siri Scientific Press.

Wood, R., T. Lenton, S. Poulton, A. Liu, and P. Donoghue, eds. 2020. The Origin and Rise of Complex Life: Integrating Models, Geochemical and Palaeontological Data. A special topics issue of the Royal Society’s Interface Focus. All articles available for free at

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